Cheers to new beginnings!

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Happy New Year!!

It feels so great to finally be back on my blog! I hope everyone had wonderful and joyful holidays! I have faced many changes in the last few months professionally and have been consumed with new business ventures, however, I am going to keep my blog a priority. Blogging is new to me and I quickly discovered I am very passionate about it!

Processed with MOLDIV

Let’s tackle 2017 with positive vibes, filled with inspiration, hard work and success! I am always excited for a new year and I look at it as an opportunity to better myself in multiple ways. I am inspired to be better than the person I was yesterday whether it has to do with career, health mentally and physically, education, my blog, etc.

My goals for the new year are unique (not! But hey, at least they’re goals right?)

I am motivated to eat healthier, lose the unhealthy weight with hard work and dedication at the gym (I will be posting before and after photos in the future), continue my education (separate blog post coming soon) and finally, adding new content to my blog at least twice a week!

These are pretty realistic goals and I intend to stick to them! Feel free to keep me accountable.  My long term goal for this blog is to be able to inspire others while being inspired as well. I want this page to be filled with support and inspiration. Let’s do this together!



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